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Thanks to all our customers, old and new! See you next summer!


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    November 10, 2013


    • Closed for the season. See you summer 2014!

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    • We're sorry, due to our resident dogs, please leave your dogs at home




    Sweet Cherries
At the Whittier Fruit Farm you can pick your own Sweet Cherries usually starting late June or early July.
We generally have picking for approximately two weeks, then they are done for the year. They will be available already pick after that. Cherry trees are weak where the branch comes off the trunk so no climbing is allowed. Pulling on higher branches to get fruit is discouraged for the same reason. Donut Peaches
These flat shaped sweet, sweet peaches are sometimes called peentos. They have a tiny pit and the fruit expands as much as it can around the pit. They are usually available for 2-3 weeks during August.
In the summer you can use your own containers or we will have containers available. In the Fall, all apple picking is done using containers we provide at no extra cost. Children are most welcome to pick with adults and sampling of fruit is encouraged to a reasonable extent. Blueberries
Our blueberries are located along Lake Ontario in central Niagara County, making us a nice day trip from both Rochester and Buffalo as well as from Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Apples
Because we have 27 different kinds of apple in a relatively small space, when you go out to pick it is very important to follow the signs we provide naming apples in the rows, including the signs that say ”do not pick here”! Our different varieties are not planted in large blocks but rather in single, double or occasionally four or five rows. Therefore it is easy, by simply turning around 180 degrees to confront a different variety. Paying attention to directions from our staff or signage in the orchard is very important. All apples are picked from the ground into containers we provide at no additional cost. Our PYO apples are sold by the pound. Price is determined yearly according to market forces. With the exception of HoneyCrisp apples which are a premium variety, all other varieties can be mixed within a container. Free tractor and wagon rides are provided on Saturdays and Sundays. During the week you can walk out to the orchard and we have handy pull wagons for you to use. Traffic on weekends is greater and therefore pulling your own wagon out is not permitted.

    At Whittier Fruit Farm, we grow 26 varieties of apples. We are always planting new trees, so there are more and more choices each year.

    Here's a list of the varieties we carry:

    Paula Red, Zestar, Ginger Gold, Sansa, Jonamac,

    Gala, Autumncrisp (also known as Newcrisp, Twenty Ounce, McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Sweet Sixteen, Cortland, Empire, Macoun, Red Delicious, Fortune, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Topaz, Ida Red, Northern Spy, Fuji, Suncrisp, Crispin and Granny Smith.


    (Click here for a complete illustrated guide)

﷯The future is now for SweeTango®. Crunchy, juicy and sweet with a tart finish. Best for eating out of hand or sliced. These apples can be purchased at our farm market or any of the farmer markets we go. We are the ONLY farm market in Monroe County that carries Sweetango®
For your convenience, we are at a number Farmer's Markets in the surrounding area every day including: GATES
Tuesday 4pm-7pm Westside Farmers Genesee St & Monica St. (St. Monica's Church) GREECE
Thursdays and Saturdays 9am-3 pm Mall at Greece Center
Long Pond Road near Ridge Road BATAVIA
Fridays 9am-3pm Batavia Downs
Saturdays 8am-1pm. United Methodist Church 2200 Westside Drive at Buffalo Road BROCKPORT
Sundays 8-1 Market St.
    Good News for Blueberry Customers! Blueberry season runs from mid-July to early September. Our blueberries are back in Wegman's produce department for our nineteenth year! Look for our berries at the Wegman's Chili-Paul, Marketplace, Pittsford and Geneseo stores. We have a ten acre patch of berries on Lake Ontario in Niagara County, near the Somerset power plant. You can also buy our berries at our farmers’ markets and here on the farm.﷯ To get to the blueberry field from the Rochester area, give yourself about an hour. Take route 390 north to the Lake Ontario State Parkway, and drive west until the parkway ends. Turn right (west) on Route 18 and continue for about 20 miles, half a mile beyond the power plant. Look for a sign on your right that says “Russell’s U-Pick Blueberries.” (View map in 'Hours + Directions tab.)
Before requesting a tour, please note: • School Tours are offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting September 24 and ending October 24, 2013. See calendar for available dates and times. • Each tour is 45 minutes long. • If you have more than 18 pre-school children or 25 elementary grades children, your group will be split into two sections. Be sure to check that there are two sections available for the time you want. • Cost is $4.00/child and $1.50/parents or non staff escorts. $40 minimum charge. A $20 non-refundable deposit required at time of reservation. This will be applied to total cost at time of tour. • If you want to bring more than one class at a time, please call and make sure there is space to accommodate. The sooner you call the better!! Call 585-594-9054 between 9:15 and 4:30 and ask for Jermaine! • Before calling please read information below. Because our farm is within the Rochester NY metropolitan area, we believe a significant part of our mission is to communicate the vital role of agriculture to children, teachers and parents. We, in Rochester, have the good fortune of having plenty of fresh produce from all over the world available in our markets. But often there is an awareness gap between the consumer and the farmer. We believe we can help change that and have a good time in the process.
A visit to our farm with your class will get your children in touch with farming very quickly. Each class will have its own farmer/guide to take the children into the apple orchard where they will learn how apples grow, and pick an apple from the trees to take home.
A visit to the pumpkin patch is also a learning opportunity. Our pumpkins for the children are smaller and easy to carry. They can be used for baking, painting or cutting as you wish. The trip to the pumpkin patch includes a fun and often bumpy ride on a tractor-pulled wagon.
The class will also enjoy a small cup of fresh pasteurized apple cider and some fresh-popped corn. (If popcorn is not suitable for your group, due to age, we need to know in advance so other arrangements can be made.) Each child will receive a coloring paper to take home to help remember the trip.
    Everybody has their own pumpkin fantasy and we try to have the pumpkin you are looking for: Tall, Fat, Huge, Small, for jack-o-lanterns, pies and decorations.﷯Our tractor and wagon will take you to the pumpkin patch on Saturdays and Sundays in October. We also have a big selection available outside our market for selections during the week. Our pumpkins are sold by the pound, and you may choose to limit your child to one he/she can carry or you may decide to go big. It’s all up to you and certain to provide everyone a good time in the process.

    We have several varieties of Sweet Cherries for picking.  And plums and donut peaches are able to be picked on a limited basis.

    Because of how we have developed our farm we are very family friendly.  All picking is done from the ground, with no ladders permitted. We provide free tractor and wagon rides to the orchard on weekends.  We have a pleasant play area for kids and plenty of tables where adults can relax.


    We are a relaxing place for moms and kids during the week in the summer time as well.


    Whittier Fruit Farm is a short drive from most places in Monroe County, NY.  We are located between Spencerport and North Chili and a very short drive from the Rochester Tech Park (formerly Kodak Elmgrove).


    Email: info@whittierfruitfarm.com


    Phone: 585-594-9054


    Mail: 219 Whittier Road, Rochester, New York 14624

    North Chili Family Restaurant, 4405 Buffalo Rd., N. Chili, 594-8877
Jitters North Chili Restaurant, 4357 Buffalo Rd, N. Chili, 585-594-3922
Panorama Restaurant, 730 Elmgrove Rd., Gates, 426-2303
Rohrbach's Brewing Co., 3859 Buffalo Rd., Ogden, 594-9800
Bill Gray's Restaurant, 2987 Buffalo Rd., Gates, 247-3940
Palermo's Sub Station, 950 Elmgrove Rd, Gates (Near Westside YMCA), 594-8400


Fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables are available in season at our family-owned and operated farm since 1974.


Unlike many fruit farms in the area, we have trees that are just the right height for a “pick your own” farm. You will find 27 different varieties of apples in a fairly compact area. You also can buy apples already picked in our store.


Visit our Pumpkin Patch!








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